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Find Solution Ai Limited (FSAI) was founded in 2016. With the name “Find Solution”, has embraced advanced technology and integrated Ai into the practice of supporting new product development.FSAI aims to provide clients from a wide range of industries with personalized innovative solutions by adapting Ai technologies, and ultimately reconstructing society through science and technology.


FSAI professional team with over 10 years of experience in the Ai field spent more than 6 years dedicated to extensive data collection and analysis and by leveraging the best attributes of new technologies into interactive education, FSAI aimed at promoting an extraordinary self-motivated learning model to augment students’ learning experience while providing better support for teachers. It provided a solid foundation for the establishment of the Ai-Driven Motivation Platform – 4LittleTrees (4LTs) which facilitates teachers to identify students’ gaps in knowledge with the analysis report and modify teaching materials when appropriate. The Model with over 30 patents provides users with ground-breaking innovations and personalized learning experiences. Apart from developing education-focused software, the 4LTs is also applicable to various industries, including corporate training, e-commerce and, healthcare.

About us

FSAI's consistent vision is to solve the difficulties that society has encountered with technology

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Recognitions and Milestones




1st Quarter

  • Won the Hong Kong ICT Smart City Gold Price

  • Won another 8 local and international awards

  • 29 patents pending for the "Ai Motivation Model" technologies, 3 of which were successfully registered

  • More than 20 local schools subscribed on 4LTs

  • Conducted pilot programs in 100 schools

2nd Quarter

  • Launched corporate training system

3rd Quarter

  • Participated in various overseas exhibitions

  • Completed Series A Funding and obtained US$5 million in funding

4th Quarter

  • Signed a cooperation agreement with Gakken Educational Co. Ltd. of Japan to expand the business to the overseas market

  • Launched 4LittleTrees Ai Learning platform

  • Elected as a member of the Hong Kong Cyberport Incubation Program

  • Received investment from Japanese Angel Fund

  • Achieved 9 local and international awards, including "The Best Potential Ai Facial Recognition Education Application Development Awards" from Xinhuanet

          Find Solution Ai was founded

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