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Product Features

Patented Model 

Cutting-Edge Ai technology incubated exclusive self-developed software with 3 patents granted and 29 patents pending

Emotion Detection 

Detect and identify the learners’ emotions and performance in real-time to understand where one struggles on particular subject 

Unique Algorithm 

Adjusts and rectify levels of teaching materials, narrowing learning differences

Performance Prediction

The Ai-expert system able to analyze users’ progress and forecast their performance


Patented Ai-Driven Motivation Model combines Ai with emotional analysis, which is capable of facilitating learning process for students and providing better assistance for teachers.

Customized enterprise version of patented Ai training platform covers employee training, management trainee training, bank compliance training, and engineering technology training.

FSAI Corporate Training System

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About Us

Founded in 2016, Find Solution Ai Limited (FSAI) aims to provide clients from a wide range of industries with personalized innovative solution through adapting Ai technologies, and ultimately reconstruct the society through science and technology.


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